Tropical Rainforest Insects Facts

Heliconius Doris Linnaeus
Heliconius Doris Linnaeus


Insects are by far the most abundant animals on earth, in fact they account for nearly ninety percent of all living things on the planet. Experts estimate there may be thirty million different species of insects on the earth; the majority of which are found in tropical rainforest. There are countless species of insects living in the world's rainforest. These tropical rainforest animals play an important role in maintaining the health of the forest. The rapid destruction of the world's tropical rainforest is resulting in the extinction of many insect species. Every day several insect species become extinct.

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On this page is a list of interesting facts about tropical rainforest insects. This information includes what insects live in the rainforest biome, how they help the rainforest, and why the extinction of insect species hurts the rainforest.

Tropical Rainforest Insects General Facts

Why Insects are Important to the Tropical Rainforest

Below is a list of why insects are important to the health of the earth's tropical rainforests. This information makes it clear how the rapid extinction of insect species that is occurring can have severe consequences for these forest.