Tropical Rainforest Animal Facts



Tropical rainforest are teeming with life. There are numerous species of mammals, reptiles, and birds found in the tropical rainforest throughout the world. In fact it is estimated that these regions are where half of all animal species in the world live. On this page you will find a list of interesting tropical rainforest animal facts. For specific information about some of the amazing animals who inhabit these regions, including how they have adapted for survival, read the pages within this section of Interesting Animal Facts.

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Interesting Tropical Rainforest Animal Facts

Tropical Rainforest Animal Adaptation Facts

List of Some Tropical Rainforest Animals

Tropical Rainforest Floor Layer Animals

The forest floor receives very little light and is teeming with insects and decomposing plants and animals. Large snakes and large mammals, too heavy for the upper layers, roam this area. These include:

Tropical Rainforest Understory Layer Animals

This layer of the forest, which is under the thick forest canopy, is characterized by little light, short trees, and short plants. Animals that have adapted to this layer include:

Tropical Rainforest Canopy Layer Animals

This layer of the rainforest, characterized by numerous tangled tree branches and leaves which block most of the sunlight, is by far the most populated layer. Bird and monkey species are among the most common animals found here. These include:

Tropical Rainforest Emergent Layer Animals

The Emergent Layer is the highest layer of a rainforest. It consist of a few trees that stick up above the canopy layer. Generally the only animals found this high are those that can fly such as birds and bats, including: