Endangered Rainforest Animal Facts



It is a sad fact that numerous tropical rainforest animals have become extinct over the last few decades. Never again to roam the earth. On this page you will find information about endangered tropical rainforest animals and the efforts being made to keep them off the list of extinct animals so that are kids and their kids can enjoy seeing them. It is believed that almost half of the world’s animal species live in the tropical rain forests and many are endangered. These endangered animals include mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, and amphibians. The main organization that tracts endangered animals is the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature). They maintain a Red List that classifies animals based on the severity of their chance of becoming extinct. Their classifications are Critically Endangered, Endangered, Threatened, Near-Threatened, and Vulnerable. Numerous animals that live in tropical rainforests appear in each category. It should be noted that their are numerous unknown animal species that have gone extinct and that are endangered. Read on to learn what tropical rainforest animals are endangered, where they live, and why they are endangered.

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Facts About Why Tropical Rainforest Animals Are Endangered

Endangered Tropical Rainforest Animal List

It would be impossible to list all the endangered tropical rainforest animals; here we list just a few of these animals that are in danger of extinction.