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Rubber tree plants are a fast-growing species of broadleaf evergreen tree called Ficus elastica. They are native to the rainforest region of South America as well as the tropical rainforests of Sumatra, the Himalayas, India, Nepal and Java, a large and densely populated Indonesian island. They are often used as houseplants in colder climates and as ornamental trees where climates are warmer. The plant is considered to be non-toxic to both adults and kids, but when ingested by dogs, it can be very toxic. This is why it should always be kept out of reach from pets. Early Aztecs waterproofed their clothing and made their own shoes from this common plant and it is still used in the modern process of making rubber today. More interesting information on the Rubber Tree Plant can be found below, including fun facts such as who wrote and performed the popular song, High Hopes, a song about a Rubber Tree plant and how determination can result in accomplishing seemingly impossible feats.

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