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Elephant Ear Plant
Elephant Ear Plant


Elephant Ear is a descriptive name given to a variety of tropical rainforest plants including alocasia, remusatia, and xanthosoma that are often found for sale year round. The list of species of Elephant Ear plants contains over 3,000 plants. The reason why they are such popular plants to buy is because they are very easy to grow and will bloom for almost half of the year. Although this plant makes a great landscaping plant, the rainforest tropics and sub-tropics are where this type of plant grows best. These plants have been cultivated for thousands of years near the equator, but no one knows for sure where they originated. People who used elephant ears as crop food knew that what makes this plant valuable is the fact that the entire plant is edible when properly cooked. Kids and pets should be kept away from Elephant Ears because they can be poisonous, unless cooked. More interesting information on the elephant ear plants can be found in the lists below, including soil requirements for growing and planting bulbs.

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