Tropical Rainforest Emergent Layer Facts

Toucans in Rainforest Emergent Layer
Toucans in Emergent Layer


Of the four tropical rainforest layers, the Emergent Layer, or sunlit zone, is the layer where the most sunlight reaches and the tallest plants and trees reach. Just like kids who are out in the sun need sunscreen to protect their skin, the trees and plants at this height need waxy leaves to protect them from the hot sun. Because this layer is very windy, what commonly happens is that seeds and pollen from the vegetation of this layer get scattered and blown throughout other rainforest layers. This helps pollination can take place.

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Below we will take a look at why birds and insects are so important to the Emergent Layer. We also list interesting facts, written for kids and adults, about what animals and flora can be found in this layer.

Emergent Layer General Facts

Emergent Layer Plant Facts

Emergent Layer Animal Facts