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There is only a specific region on the planet, usually around the equator, where tropical rainforests exist. Tropical Rainforests exist when conditions are humid, warm, and wet with rainfall totaling 8-14 feet (2.44-4.27 meters) per year. What makes tropical rainforests so interesting are the unique climate conditions found there and the four distinct rainforest layers of vegetation. When you read the kid-friendly facts below, you'll discover why the Emergent, Canopy, Understudy, and Forest Floor layers are all important to the ecosystem of the rainforest.

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In this category of Tropical Rainforest Facts we list interesting facts about the four distinct layers of rainforest vegetation. On this page we have an overview of these layers and here you will find links to more detailed information pages about each layer including the plant (flora) and animal life that exist there.

Emergent Layer Facts

Canopy Layer Facts

Understory Layer Facts

Forest Floor Layer Facts