Tropical Rainforest Food Web Facts



Most kids and adults alike might be more familiar with the term "food chain" where one animal eats a particular animal (or plant) and that animal is eaten by another animal further up the food chain and so on and so on. The ecosystem in the tropical rainforest is more complicated than that and is best described as a "food web" (also called food cycle). What is the difference between a "food chain" and a "food web"? The answer is that a food web is made up of all the overlapping and interconnected food chains in the rainforest and is an intricate entangled description of the ecosystem. Interdependence and the fact that a linear chain of what eats what does not always exist is key to understanding the tropical rainforest food web.

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On this page we will list interesting information about the food web of tropical rainforest biomes with facts that will help you to better understand this complicated system. This information will include how the food web is organized, what animals depend on other animals for food, and how environmental and human factors can affect this system.

Interesting Tropical Rainforest Food Web Facts

Categories of organisms in the Tropical Rainforest Food Web

As mentioned above the rainforest food web is complex with food chains that overlap and that are interconnected. With that said below we have listed the main categories of organisms found in the food chain (or food web).