Amazon Rainforest Deforestation Facts

Amazon Deforestation
Deforestation in Amazon


The Amazon Rainforest in South America is an interesting and complex ecosystem. It is home to where almost half of the world's species of plants and animals live. It is a sad fact that humans are quickly destroying one of the world's most valuable natural assets. What was once a vast rainforest is rapidly shrinking. There are many reasons why deforestation is taking place. People who participate in cattle ranching, logging, mining, farming, and road construction all contribute to the destruction of the rainforest. When the rainforest is cut-down at the alarming rate it has been, the earth loses 137 species of plants and animals each day. The information provided on this disappearing rainforest can be a starting point to educate both kids and adults on this important issue.

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Amazon Rainforest General Deforestation Facts

Facts about Amazon Rainforest Deforestation by the Brazilian Government

Facts about the Effects of Amazon Rainforest Deforestation